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                                    CAVE CRITTERS


If you have information or cave life photos please send. Thanks, Kim


  Cave Biology link.


Click on Name for photo:


Bats; Picture 1; Picture 2 ; Picture 3 From Boyden Cave; Picture 4 ; Picture 5 ; Picture 6 ; Picture 7 

           Picture 8;  Picture 9.   Batty for bats Fact Sheet.

Bat, Fruit: Victoria Museum


Beetle:  is a checkered beetle, Trichodes ornatus, and is not a cave insect even though this one may have accidentally gotten into a cave. Sheridan Mt. Cave.

Beetle from Philippines Silop Cave in bat guano.


Bobcat: From Burns Oregon cave. 

Bobcat Kittens Bobcat

Bones: Picture 1 at Oregon caves NM. Picture 2. Oregon caves NM.  Picture 3 Sheridan Mt. cave. Picture 4 in Pillars of Fire cave 


Camel Cricket; (possible Pristoceuthophilus) From Silver Creek Mine at Opal Creek Oregon.


Cat; Black Chasm Cave California.


Elliotta Mite: 

Elliotta Mite by Crawford

Ensantina: This one found in Sequoia Crystal cave California.


Frog. Found in a cave at mount Saint Helens. 


Gordian Worm, Horsehair Worm, Nematomorpha or Gordiacea. Long white like worm that lives in fresh water. Click here for more details . Some have been found in Trout Lake area caves.


Grylloblattid: Grylloblattid by Crawford



cave life

Harvestmen: (Nelima Paessleri) Picture 2 Oregon caves NM. 


Hellgrammite: Genus Dysmicohermes. Found in Deadhorse Cave, Trout Lake Wa. 


Moth. Found in a Sheridan Mountain Cave Oregon.   Triphosa haesitata, brown tissue moth, which hibernates in caves throughout our region.

Pika: Found at Skamaniac Cave Washington. Pika

Rabbit. Found in happy cave Trout Lake


Scorpion: Uroctonus mordax. This one found at Mount Saint Helens. Picture 2. Picture 3. Picture 4Scorpion

Silverfish:  cave-adapted silverfish and it find represented a range extension for the species. A Dave Bunnel Photo California.

Skink: Found at Upfalls cave Trout Lake


Slug: Banana Slug. Found in Wicket cave Trout Lake Wa.  Picture 2


Springtail: Found in Oregon caves NM.   probably Onychiurus oregonensis, an endemic troglobite.

Spider: Found in Boyden Cave, Kings Canyon California.


Spider found in Trout Lake Washington. male orbweaver. Doesn't live in caves. 


Spirobolid millipede: Found in Crystal Palace Cave California


Tick: picture 2 Very common in Central Oregon caves.


Unknown From Philippines Silop Cave.



  Also check OHDG for more information and pictures.



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