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Some links to Trout Lake caves. 


  This area has hundreds of lava caves. There are large caves with 60 foot high ceilings (Cheese Cave) to belly crawling caves (Hairy Fungus Cave). Too many of them to name. There are maze like caves such as Deadhorse Cave, Pickings Cave and more. There are Ice caves (Gular Ice Cave). Caves with unique formations, lava trenches (Wildcat Cave), Natural Bridges and more. Then there are big long caves with lots of breakdown to give you a good work out like Big Cave and Techno-9 Cave. Then there are caves with cool minerals in them like Happy Cave, Slime Cave and Metrical Cave.


Email Kim with corrections and updates. Will be adding many more cave descriptions over the next few months. Also will add cave number list. 

                Trout Lake and Falls Creek Cave descriptions.


 800 Foot Cave: map by Nieland

 812 Cave: Named after William Halliday's NSS number. It is a paralleling tube above Stairwell Cave, as it makes a wide berth from the main collapsed trench above the system. About 300 feet of passage and three entrances.  Ceiling height is high enough for some walking sections, but there is heavy breakdown throughout much of the cave.                

 A-Cave: Less than 200 feet of passage, this is a cave located in The Fallen Arches System. It is fairly short, and is mostly breakdown, but may connect somewhat to the Harvest and Ginger system of caves just north of it.

Anaconda Cave: This is a cave in The Tailbone System and is filled with multiple lava scrolls. After a tight entry, it opens to stooping passage and several rooms. Several leads still exist in it. About 250 ft long and no breakdown.

 A-mazing Cave: 615 feet of cave passage in the Smokey Creek area.  Ref. 8400, 5901, 8301

 Apple Cave: This short cave is noted for it's large chamber and short side passage. About 200 feet of passage, and is near Ice Rink Cave. # 633-24. Ref. 0267,01367, Nieland map 4212.

 Arachnophobia Cave: This 250 foot section of passage is near Skamaniac Adjunct Cave at the end of a long series of collapses associated with the main system. There is some walking passage, and the entrance drop into a mostly breakdown area. Also associated with several nearby sink caves (Icebreaker Cave, Squeezer Cave). #633-209 

 Armistice Cave:   Mostly a breakdown cave located near Techno-9 Cave. Most likely a spill over cave as it lies just off the main trench. [Petrie map]

 Ash Hole Cave: This cave has its entrance on one track of logging spur. The cave is short and filled with sand, but is nearby several associated sinks. The entrance was first entered after enlargement using a car jack to enlarge a small opening. Has 60 feet of passage, cave # 633-11.

 Asher's Cave:  Ashers Cave was named after an elderly local resident interviewed by Charlie Larson in a White Salmon barber shop during the 1972 NSS Convention. In 1974, beyond a long breakdown section, the cave was floored with slimy, gooey mud, and small clastic gours were noted. One room, named "Slug Room" exhibited lava dribbles that had fallen on top of breakdown blocks.
–Petrie 9-19-04 #2832 #3289 #0068 #1003 #6159 #2574 #2771

 Auto Dump Cave: Story Speleograph 381 page 7 and Jan. 1986 page 3. On Private property. lavacaves.com for photos. Perkins area map 1785

 Backbone Cave: This cave name because of the back bone features on the ceiling of the cave. Cave is also known as "Hidden Treasure Cave" as a jar of coins was found on a mapping trip. Cave length 1700 feet. Located in the same sink as Splash Cave. Elevation 2900. See detail trip report Speleograph Jan. 1986 page 17. Buried Treasure Cave (#8010 #8301. ); Splash Cave (#8010 revised 2009).
map in Perkins hard file Speleograph 23 (1987) 20-21 #8301. map #8010. #5108. #0360

 Backdraft Cave:  It is a small upper surface extension of Draftdodger Cave. In the same line as Downdraft Cave. It has several entrances and sky lights. 

 Bashful Cave: 2296 feet of passage. Located near Sleepy Cave. This cave has a difficult entrance squeeze and is mostly low crawls. Noted for its multiple passages that reconnect. ((#7943)) Uncredited photo of entrance on cover of Underground Express 23(4). WVG [photos on lavacaves.com] #8301.

 Bear Den Cave:
420 feet of passage. Located to the south of Slime Cave, it has an interesting lava fall as well as manmade hearth within it. Bear Den Cave
--above Slime Cave #8367
U.E. 23(3):24,29 Koch locations. #8367 #8301. #6573.

 Bear Den Grotto:

 Bee Cave: Small cave in the Prince Charming Cave area; has several entrance slots, but mostly crawly. Cave # 633-34.

 Beer Bottle: part of Madison's Fence cave system. See story in Speleograph 380 Page 12.

 Big Cave (Nielsen's Big Cave): 2700-foot lava tube. Extensive breakdown throughout the entire cave. It is the next large cave downslope from Dynamited Cave, and has ceilings as tall as 50 ft. The only original floor in the cave exists near its end. Discovered by a logging company in the late 50s, it is one of several large sections of the master tube that flowed down slope from a lava vent at lake Com Comly roughly 8000 years ago. Much of the original 6 mile long tube has collapsed, but what remains is very impressive, as Big Cave surely attests.

 Big Crater Caves: AKA The Dog Caves. Goose Lake. Story Cascade Caver Sept. 2010 Vol. 49 #4 Page 5-6 with map.

 Big Creek Cave: Mostly a large overhang associated with the waterfall. 631-74

 Big Lava Cave: See Cheese Cave. 

 Big Trench Cave System: Mostly collasped with some nice bridges. About 4000 feet of passage before collasped; now with about 1000 feet between the 6 small caves. See story in Speleograph 380 Page 12. Now Called Natural Bridges.

 Bill's Cave: 633-03, A small cave with about 100 feet of passage located near Deadhorse Cave, elevation 2737.

 Blasted Cave: See Dynamited Cave.

 Blister Cave: #633-203 Falls Creek area cave. This tight entrance cave opens into a large room with a minor side passage. Part of the Falls Creek System up slope from Three Sinks Cave.Ref. 7835, 6573

 Bogus Cave: AKA Lava Intrusion Cave. 775 feet of passage. An upper line of the Pickings Cave system, this mostly stooping and crawling cave is very sinuous. Ref. 6923.

 Bone Cave:

 Bone Cave II:
#1966 [Speleograph 5:34] Larson map.

 Boogie Bear Cave: 370 feet of passage. 2 entrances. Located NW of the Backbone System near the main road as it splits to the east just beyond Dry Creek.  New entrance was pushed in May of 2015 adding another 125 feet of passage. 

 Boy Scout Cave:

 Breakdown Mountain Cave: The cave is named for the prominent breakdown mountains in the cave. The small entrance sink, 8 foot deep, leads through a low opening (4 feet high) to a more spacious cave with 15-25 foot ceilings. Also known as "Lower Falls Creek System" with about 200 feet of passage at 2570 elevation.


 Broken Back Cave: A crawl cave not mapped near Sour Grapes Cave, with 404 feet of passage. #633-33. Trip Report Speleograph 369 page 6.

 Butter Cave: 1350 feet of passage. See story in Speleograph 380 Page 12. Ref. #7886 #0236,31

 Candle Cave: 619 feet of passage with massive breakdown. Three entrances lead into the cave. Main entrance is a large grotto like overhang in the same sink system as Overlook Cave. 633-12

 Carbide Can Cave:

 Caryl's Cave: Length  968 feet. No other info.

 Cauldron Cave: 100 feet of tight crawl. Is associated with a group of sinks NW of Skamaniac Cave, and appears to be part of a collapsed skylight to a lava tube. Most of the cave is a verticle climb down into collapsed rock.

 Cave "B" 60 feet of cave, located in the Smokey Creek system near Flashcube Cave. 633-14

 Cave Creek Road System: See story in Speleograph 380 Page 12.

 Cemetery Cave: About 1000 to 1500 feet of passage, interrupted by skylights and a short "L" shape sink fill with trash. On private land. See Speleograph Jan. 1986 page 3.

 Century Cave: Arrowhead found in cave. Ref. 8301

 Cheese Cave: 2060 feet of cave passage. Cave was used to store cheese. The biggest cave for height and width in the area. Find more info in history and photos. See Caves of Washington for photos and history. Also know as Big Lava Cave, Spencer's cave. Cheese Cave lava identifeid nowhere else in the valley (#7826).
Perkins area map [#0896] #1968 8-30-69 #0179#1000#1647#2400#2968 --[early photo#0896] #7134 #7886 [early photo] [1972 photo] [“Trout Lake 8-04-07 Farnel” on DVD1] [Cascade Caver 15(10):116] [Old postcard 8236 on DVD2] [Filoon photo] [see Cascadia Creamery folder DVD3] [Cheese Cave x Bray and Farnell onn DVD3, shows end of cave] [Homer Spencer divorce proceedings “24 Wn” on DVD3] [Pacific Northwest Cheese Project on DVD3] [Knutson strange recollections 2011 Groups]

 Chocolate Sundae Cave: 605 feet of muddy cave located near Skinmites Cave off an old logging spur.

 Christmas Tree Cave: This cave is closed and gated at both ends for bat use. Has about 1100 feet of passage though and is part of the Madison's Fence system to the west. -

-gated to protect bats on the weekends of Sep.28 and Oct.13, 1996, by a consortium of various organization, and declared off limits to recreational caving forever (#8045).
about 100 feet down trench from Mikes Cave#1992 #1828 [Perkins area map]
#4006#1987#3411#4560#5412#5940{Fall96}/wa#4002#5467 [Nieland #1049] #8041 [gating project #5467] Gates breached (#2009).

 Chubby Bunny Cave : GATED. 633-49. 6900 feet of nice cave. Is somewhat associated with Pickings Cave, as they undercut each other. AKA Fat Rabbit.  Fat Rabbit Cave (#8046).
Chris Lee found cave with others.
#4192 (map) #5398 [U.E. 17(1):1,2,3,4] #6111(testing)

 Clear Cut Cave: 100 feet of crawly cave and is not currently capped. 633-15

 C.O.G. Cave: #633-21. 800 of passage, with two entrances; one a tight crawl from the north, and the other a 9 foot drop in from the south. Near Apple Cave. C.O.G = Central Ohio Grotto. Ref. 2118, 0267, 3411, 4560, Nieland map 4212.

 Community Park Cave:

 Cone Pickers Cave: There are two sinks. the first is a 50 foot crawl to breakdown chock. the 2nd is a 200 foot crouch and crawl, with one side passage, little breakdown and interesting linings. A middle section known as "mupper" was dug open and connects with the lower end.

 Coral Cave:

 Cougar Den Cave: 633-42. Located just south of the Big Trench, this cave might be associated with an overflow from the master tube. It has tall ceilings, but isn't very long.. 

 Cowbones Cave: Part of a parallel tube NE of Stairwell Cave with multiple entrances and large collapsed sinks. 

Crammer Cave : 100 feet of passage halfway between Backbone Cave and Dirty Cave. Shows signs of the main tube through the system as the width of the passage is about 20 feet and the height ranges from 4-7 feet. A tight entrance drop in squeeze is required.

Cross Cave: Ref. 7944, 7943 By Koch.

Crouching Cave Hidden Room Cave (CCHR) : 756 feet of passage with several rooms. A tight entrance crawl at the upper part leads into a multileveled first room.

 Cry Wolf Cave: Gated cave near Butter Cave on private land with a length about 1900 ft. See story in Speleograph 380 Page 12.

 Curley Creek Cave: not associated with any of the other Trout Lake area caves, this 1145 foot long cave is part of a seperate lava flow that ran through the Curly Creek area. Several localized sinks are nearby and may be part of it.

Cute Little Cave: Discovered and then lost for many years, this cave was originally just a short chamber before it was rediscovered and pushed another hundred feet through two bath tub rooms. Dennis Gladsby and Claude Koch discovered it around 2003.

 Datus Perrys Cave,  part of the Falls Creek Lava Tube System, was reported to Oregon Grotto in early 1968 by Datus Perry, a long-time resident and inveterate cave digger of Carson Washington. Best known for its lava stalactites and stalagmites, parts of the cave were photographed by Charlie and Jo Larson on May 19, 1968. Two photos depicting a two-foot lava stalagmite "before and after being broken," included in the 1980 Oregon Grotto Slide Show, were actually photos of the stalagmite as found (broken) and of it reassembled. In 1975, Oregon Grotto members surveyed 800 feet of the cave before the survey was abandoned because the cave was too cold for "shirt sleeves." Cave is more likely around 1850 feet in length, as several leads have pushed it significantly over the years.  Speleograph trip report by Libby Nieland Vol. 11 page 129. And Underground Express by bill Holmes 18 (3): 27. --several 1968 trips planned (Speleograph 4(7):1) 

#Luper locations. [Luper CD mid-2005] [ 5-19-68 5-19-68 several] [ Petrie photo several ] [Oregon Grotto slide show#7814] #0360+ #1968 USFS map #7829 #8034 #8050 #1801 #8101 [relative location map #8404]

 Datus Perry's Dug Cave: This guy was digging through breakdown in a big sink in the northmost Falls Creek Cave area. Two digs attempted to drop into the main passage, but both were never finished. The right side dig travels about 120 feet through a mine-like dig with timbers holding up the ceiling and a "Falls Creek Lava Tube" post near the end.

 Datus Perry New Cave:  A 2nd map done was done with a new name to differentiate it from all the other Datus Perry caves. It is over 2000 ft long and on a lava field of its own. The tube itself is on a very steep incline, which seems unusual for such a large lava tube to form. It is now known as Downdraft Cave

 David's Den Cave: Speleograph Jan. 1986 Page 3.About 1100 feet. South of Trout Lake.

 David's Den Annex:

 Dead Bear Cave: Multiple entrances populate this cave located near Thanks Cave. It is a low ceiling, mostly stooping cave, but fairly long at 3480 ft.:  Ref.  Perkins area map <<#6017>>[Petrie precise location map ] [Nieland[ map ]

 Deadhorse Cave: 14,441  feet of passage. Dead Horse Cave is no ordinary lava tube cave. It is the most complex, mapped, lava tube cave in the U.S.--so complex that the generic term “lava tube” seems inappropriate. A very popular cave, broadly consisting of the River Passage, Lower Cave, and Masochists Maze, the cave has three known entrances: the lower entrance (which floods occasionally), the upper entrance (also known as the Rat Hole), and a dug entrance near the northeast corner of Masochists Maze (repeatedly dug open and later backfilled, present condition unknown).
    Well known to locals for decades, as with many other caves in the Trout Lake area, cavers were led to the lower entrance of Dead Horse Cave on Nov.5, 1965, by Lyle Ryan, a Trout Lake resident and employee of SDS Lumber Co. The upper entrance was accidentally found by Don and Maylin Nelson who visited the cave with an Oregon Grotto group on Oct.26, 1969. The opening was confirmed as an entrance by Bob Baker, the first person to enter the cave via this opening.
    This cave lies in the path of ground water moving downslope obliquely toward Dead Horse Creek, which it parallels to the north. Water, manifested by pools, broken streams, subterranean fracture springs (and one boiling spring) streams through parts of the cave; then sinks back into the open rock or sediments, and eventually finds its way to the bed of Dead Horse Creek about 400 feet below the cave's lower entrance.
    It was four years after learning of the cave's existence before cavers--expecting to map a deserving but small cave--got around to Dead Horse. An Oregon Grotto team began mapping Oct.19, 1969, and was repeatedly amazed by what lay beyond the "small" cave. It just kept on going and going. The lower maze area was not mapped until Oct. 10, 1971. Last major mapping, Mar. 9-10, 1991, logged about 4,500 feet of passage in Masochist Maze

Ref. 1969, 3397, 3614, 6124. it has been progressively explored and mapped over a period of 22 years.
--Geologic special interest are proposed #2095.
--spearpoint #1050 Good thumbnail #2889.
#0267 #4006 #4003 #0926+ #0919 #1050 #1366 #1922 [visited with Halliday#1969] #1967 #2301 #2857 #2872 #3089 #3184 #3185 [Nieland NSS News #3261] #3397 #3614. #0267 #2099 #2763 #3108 #4510 #5436 [animals#4543] [Linn, Masochists Maze#7818] Koch locations.
[Maps: Knutson; Nieland #3262; Masochists Maze #6069;] [#7894 Smale area map] first map, Knutson (#8499) [see Mardi Keltner on CDF] #8041
Unnamed caves upslope from Dead Horse.#3852 #0915+ #4003 [1998 cave search:CMRU Newsletter November 1998 on CDD] [Caving with CMRU on CDF] [resurgence #8039] [--Koch ] #3614 [Cascade Caver 15(10):115] [Cascade Caver 15(10):118] [Cascade Caver 18(1-2):3-6]

 Deer Cave: Trip Report Speleograph 369 page 6. About 1300 feet of passage. Initially only about 400 feet in length, it was extended through a tight crawl into a very decorated passage of delicate drippings.

 Dirty Cave: 300 feet of mostly crawly cave. Should be more info in history page. Trip Report Speleograph 369 page 6. Dug open in winter of 88-89? by Kim Luper and Dennis Glasby who got very dirty (2008 email).

 Dirt Hole Cave:

 Ditch Cave Located just north of Thanksgiving Cave along a logging spur, this unitary tube has some walking passage but is mostly breakdown. A 15 ft. bubble chamber is near the down slope terminus. .#6017 [Petrie precise location map ] #6507 #0360 [Cascade Caver 18(1-2):3-6]

 Dog Caves: See Craters Caves.

 Dot's Cave: 299 feet of stooping and walking passage. It is probably the northern most cave in association with the Smokey Creek System. It has two entrances; one near the road, the other in a large sink downslope from Pickards Sink Cave.:

 Double Eagle Cave: 633-200: A  vertical entrance into a nice medium sized cave. Mostly walking, with about 800 feet of passage. Interesting lava tube feature near the end, and a tight inaccessible tube continues on, but too small to get in. While the beginning is mostly breakdown, a section near the end is clear, and original tube still exists. Up-slope from Three Sinks (#7835. ) Down slope from Double Eagle #7835.

#Luper locations.--Luper 7-31-04 Russ Yoder found Double Eagle Cave #7835. #6573. [Luper CD mid-2005] [fall creek topos DVD3]

 Downdraft Cave: 633-206 (mis-labeled 633-208 on its bronze cap--which is Breakdown Mt.). A subset cave system located south of the larger Falls Creek System, it lies on a steep grade of flow but retains the large tube section. Cave is around 2200 feet long, and has multiple passages. Floor is rough, but walls retain their original texture. An annex cave in the same sink trends downslope for another 200 feet and ends at a tight lava droop. Ref. #6573.#Luper locations. [fall creek topos DVD3] #2028.

Down Under Cave: Near upper Pickings Cave, this cave has two entrances. One leads to a down under passage that continues through a tight squeeze. The other entrance by passes the squeeze and leads to a nice pond. About 300-400 feet of passage with several leads still un-pushed. Has a seasonal lake inside.

 Draftdodger Cave: Down slope from Downdraft Cave, this 450 foot long truncated extension of the system also lies in relation to Backdraft Cave which is an upper extension of it. Cave has walking passage and retains the same characteristics of Downdraft Cave to the north. 633-206 

 Dry Creek Cave: 633-27: A mostly crouch way, complex 2000 feet with some unusual features, pillars, windows, floor swirls. There are three entrances. 

#0947 [WVG ] [Luper list 11-21-02] [Cascade Caver 18(1-2):3-6] Claude Koch email 2011.

Dry Creek Annex|#0267#2600#0172#0267 #0947#1948#2159#3376#3534

Dry Creek Cave, discovered by cavers, 9-17-58(#2109?). Pope map #7622.

 Dry Creek Annex: 100 feet of rough crawl. Has been used as bear den.

Duckedunder Cave: 120 feet of tight crawl, and could possibly be pushed into more passage. Is part of three caves located in a sink system NW of Skamaniac Cave roughly 1/2 a mile.

 Dynamited Cave: 633-50: One of the longest caves in the Trout Lake area with many vertical drops and levels.  12,345 feet. Dynamited Cave was discovered in Spring, 1958, by Reno and Carl Ziegler, loggers with the Broughton Lumber Co. In Oct., 1958, early exploration began when Carl Nielsen, family members and friends entered the cave as far as the 15-ft drop. Sometime between Oct. 18 and Dec. 6, 1958, the most decisive event in this cave's history occurred when--after five local boys were unable to ascend a 40-ft pit they had dropped on a 3/8-inch rope--the entrance was dynamited, ending exploration of the cave until 1961. Dynamite was employed again in  late 1972 to destroy one of a series of  typically impotent gates, this one some distance inside the cave.
    This widely popular cave is the most mapped cave in the Trout Lake area. Only moderately sinuous in plan view, it is highly complex in profile, having widely varying multiple levels and abrupt drops. At least ten drops exist within the cave, 6 in the lower sections, and 4 in the attic passage. No other major cave has been found upslope from Dynamited Cave, but the upslope collapse suggests that it should continue beyond due to its size at the point of collapse seal.

Blasted Cave (#0236 ); Lemei Road Cave (#0236 ); The lava Cave (#0939 ); The Lava Cave On Lemei Road (#0939 ).

 Eliminator Cave: 1388 feet.

 Elk Trap Cave: This cave first partly explored fall 2007 is a pit entrance and has a recent dead elk in cave and many other bones. The cave has a fair size room at entrance then goes at least two directions. A crawl past the dead elk has not been explored at this time.

 Elmers Field Cave: Speleograph 4 (6) 3 Photos 4/21/1968 Larson files.

Evolution Cave: This cave is near upper Pickings Cave and is named because you have to crawl, then stoop, then walk. About 95 ft of original passage. Associated with Down Under Cave in the same sink.

 Fallen Arches Cave System: Archeological site. Area closed. Cave system is a series of large sinks with short remnants of original tube. Roughly 1500 feet of passage. 

 Falls Creek Cave: 633-204. About 7200 total feet with about 4300 feet in the main part passage. There are three parts of the cave separated by collapse sinks. The main passage bears an 800 foot long side passage, and several intertwinning passages throughout. The cave ends at a large lava chamber which has three levels. (AKA: Panther Creek, Lava Caves). See Caves of Washington for full write up. 

 Falls Creek Falls Cave: The lowest of the Falls Creek Cave system, it is about 800 feet long, and contains some original passage, as well as crawl, and a side passage. The sink it is located in an area that makes it hard to find, and has an upslope section of un-opened cave must exist, but hasn't been breached at this moment.: See Speleograph Jan. 1986 page 7. Found By Detus Perry.

 Firecracker Cave: 633-51. Cave extends west from trench mostly in dangerous unstable breakdown. Lost Creek ditch goes over cave. See also Slide cave. Is possibly an upper passage of Dynamited Cave, as it lies directly above it, but doesn't connect. 

 Flashcube Cave: 633-17, 670 feet. Flashcube Cave area includes - Squeaking Pika Cave, Cave "B" and Clearcut Cave.   Cave Found by Rod Crawford who found a very old flashcube in cave. Cave has several overlapping passages, and is mostly breakdown free.

 Folgers Cave: 633-213: A segment of the Falls Creek Lava Tube System, named after a Folgers Coffee can found nearby, was first entered in March, 1968, by an Oregon Grotto party. A 1973 map by Rick Pope and Rick Lonergan shows about 2,100 ft (950 ft map length) of moderately sinuous underlain by terminal branches. Mostly breakdown, the cave exhibits some fascinating lava balls and sand castles.    Trip report Speleograph 359 page 8.

Fork in the Rose Cave: Located in the Tailbone System near Trout Lake, this interesting cave has nice formations, walking passage, and crawling passage. Discovered in the Fall of 2014, it is about 525 feet long and some nice formations dotting the floor.

Freeze System:
map in perkins hard file shows ~1/3 mile east of lower Dry Creek Cave

 Frog Hollow Cave: 633-07 This 140 foot cave is just east of Goose Cave and has two entrances and may be an extension of Wounded Elbow Cave system to the south.

 Girl Scout Cave::

Ginger Cave: Located near Harvest Cave, has about 400 feet of passage and two entrances:

Glenwood Blowing Holes

#1968 #7846 photo: 9-27-68 [aka. Fox Hole, 2011 email]

 Goblet Cave:: (Trout Creek Hill Pit) The cave is apparently a spatter cone vent cave. 85 foot pit. 

 Goose Cave: The entrance sink fools you into believing that the cave parallels itself, but in reality the seperate entrances lead in different directions. 2180 feet of passage with nice formations, and lots of harvestman. #633-10. Old photo in Speleograph 369 page 9.

 Gopher Hole Cave: #633-09 Short 80 foot section of cave located upslope and in line with Pichards Sink Cave.

 Green Moss Cave:

 Green Stream Cave: A small 150 foot cave. See story in Underground Express Vol. 27 page 3. 

 Grouch Cave: 180 feet of crawlway, 2 branches and breakdown. Located SE of Spearpoint Cave across the road.(NCA 87)

Growler Cave

[photos on lavacast.com CD] #8301.


 Guler Ice Cave : The cave has 4 sections, seprated by 3 collapse sinks, and was used for town ice supply. (AKA Campground Ice cave) Cave has 650 of passage. Discover by McClellan in 1852. 1860's Ice was mine from the cave and ship to Oregon towns. (NCA 87).

 Hairy Fungus Cave: Short 121 foot long cave in the Deadhorse Cave area and most likely is an extension of the Masocist Maze. 633-04 Ref. 8367

 Half-Baked Moon Cave: Big Crater, Goose Lake. Story Cascade Caver Sept. 2010 Vol. 49 #4 Page 5, map page 7. 84 feet of cave.

 Hanging Spider Cave:

 Happy Cave : A dirt slide into walking passage. Some nice minerals and other neat features. 1448 feet of passage. 633-200

Harvest Cave: A nice cave with walking passage. About 300 feet of passage, and northeast of the Fallen Arches System.

 Helen's Cave:

Hellroaring Ridge Cave   #7837

 Hemlock Cave: 633-37. 1053 feet of walking and crawling passage. Located near Prince Charming Cave. Ref. 8052

 Hoarfrost Cave: 633-18. 150 feet of passage with lavaball plug and small Natural bridge. At times will have nice ice formations. Map#1405. #8301. #8052. [Cascade Caver 15(10):113] #6573.

 Holmes Cave:

Icebreaker Cave: 100 feet of breakdown and lots of interesting ice formations in the winter months. It is associated with a sink system just N of Arachnophobia Cave.

 Ice Cave: Tourist cave, May have ice in year around. Changes from year to year. See Gular Ice cave.

 Ice Rink Cave: 633-22. About 1540 feet of passage since it was extended. Trip Report Speleograph 369 page 4-5 and the NSS Guidebook 1993. Cave is know for great ice formation. Also see NCA 87. Ref. 4003.

 Ice Rink Annex: Associated in the same sink as Ice Rink Cave, this section of tube harbors nice ice formations in the winter, and is about 275 feet long.

 Inflation Dome:

 J.a.R Cave: 633-43 JaR Cave was found on June 23, 1985, by a Christian single group from Tri-Cities, Washington. "JaR" is an acronym for two of the group's members, Joe Roeder and Robert Funderburg. That it remained undiscovered for so long, in the midst of universally popular caves like New Cave and Guler Ice Cave, is a wonder.    Report Speleograph Vol. 22, page 69.

 Jenning's Cave: Located at the end of the Madison's Fence System, it lies about 500 feet south of it. There is roughly 400 feet of passage within and is mostly breakdown.

 Jug Cave: Speleograph Jan. 1986 page 3. Map page 4. Large cave with not much breakdown and about 1200 feet of walking passage. Associated with Mike's Cave which is down slope, and Cave Creek system. Ref. 1968, 6694, 1785

 Karen's Slip: A hole in the floor in Madison's Fence cave takes you into this cave.

 Kisdon's Caves: A series of 8 caves. 400 feet of passage. "Peterson Prairie flow" #7852 [ice photo U.E.22(1):1]

 Lava Bridge : I think there was seven bridges and cave at each end or trench with short cave in center of the bridges. At each end of the trench there are longer caves. Northern most is about 275 feet of passage. See Speleograph Jan. 1986 page 3, part map  page 6.

 Leaverite Cave:

 Lemei Road Cave. See Dynamited cave.

 Lilliputian Cave: AKA (Vine Maple Cave)Trip Report Speleograph 369 page 6. Nieland map #8319. [listed only #8301.] [Koch 9-29-03] Koch map (pdf) Koch 9-8-03#6587. [ Koch trip report] #6573.

 Little Goose Canyon Cave: 181 feet of passage located near the waterfall.

 Lizard Cave: #633-202 About 240 ft of large walking passage after a tight intial drop in. Located near Double Eagle Cave in the same collapsed sink. Part of the upper Falls Creek Lava Tube.

 Longview Cave: See Tooth cave.  An overflow of the Big Trench System, this interesting cave has a nice orange color to it and weird ceiling contours.  A bear tooth was found at the end of it.  1100 feet of passage.

Lost Bar Cave: About 440 ft of walking passage and tight crawl after an intial slide in from a logging waste debri pile that covered the entrance. Starts out nice, but turns into tight squeezes. Located near Wildcat Cave's turnout on the south side of the road.

 Madison's Fence Cave: See story in Speleograph 380 Page 12.

 Massy's Barn Cave: See story in Speleograph 380 Page 12. Ref. 4938, 8041

 Meat Cave: See Trillium Cave.

 Metrecal Cave: #633-32. A little maze like crawly cave with nice mineral formations. Cave has segments of walking passage after the tight crawls, and in September of 2015, a lower entrance was discovered that lead through a long muddy crawl to where the original survey was stopped because of extremely wet conditions.  About 2215 feet of passage.

 Mike's Cave: 1540 ft of nice passage, but mostly breakdown. Ends at a lava seal. Great ice formations during the winter, and a unique lining formation about halfway through. :

 Minotaur Cave: Trip Report Speleograph 369 page 4-5. 

Coyote Cave (see Nieland below).

[Nielands' unidentified visit to what is now named Minotaur Cave.] See also MSHCP]

2005 American Caving Accidents, p31. Story in Speleograph by Molyneux. MSHCP.

Mossy Knee cave: Ref. 8301

 Mrs. Olesons Extension Cave: 633-212: In the sink as Folgers Cave, has about 1100 feet of passage.

 Mud Bath Cave:

Mystery cave near Peterson Prairie    #7836 #2825

  New Cave : #633-54. The lower section is a nice easy walking passage with one crawl. Some very cool passage forms. Upper section is mostlyl breakdown.  Lower section is 2275 feet and ends 50 feet from Wildcat Cave. Discovered 1954 by logging crew. Extensive biota in cave (Crawford). Caves of Washington has a full write up. NCA 1987.  Report Speleograph Vol. 22, page 69.

Nielands Caves

--near Dead Horse [#7894 Small area map]

 Nielsen's Cave: Located 1000 feet from Big Cave. It is a talus cave in lava breakdown with several small chambers with 100+ feet of crawlways that eventually open into a large chamber much like the upslope and down slope caves it lies between. It continues below this large 20 ft high chamber into a deeper section of cave which might be part of a multi leveled section of the original tube. (NCA 87). 

 Niskanen Cave: on private property in Trout Lake. 

Oak Grove Cave
Probably same as Koch's Rose Row Cave

Oak Grove Cave No.2
Probably same as Koch's Rose Row Cave

Oak Grove Cave No.3
Probably same as Koch's Rose Row Cave

 On Any Sunday Cave: named after many Sunday digging trips there. Cave now has a few hundred feet of passage. East of Lava Bridges.

 Overflow Cave: #633-28. Around 160 feet of cave, located near the western end of the Big Trench.633-28
“This is a short cave segment discovered 7/4/74 by members of the Oregon Grotto while surveying the trench system which forms the southwest extension of the Big Trench System. The cave has an entrance at each end. This cave is located to the south of the Lava Bridges interpretive site (Nieland#5436).”
[Petrie map] [March 05 Cascade Caver has Petrie article.] #1967 [Nieland map #4212 ]

 Overlook Cave: between Asher's Cave and Candle Cave, this short section of tube is part of the Smokey Creek System.:

 Panther Creek Cave: See Falls Creek Cave 

 Peterson Bridge Cave #2: 1336 feet. May not be correct name.  633-45 Ref. 7836

Petersons Hole:

 Peterson Prairie Cave System: Extensive largely collapsed lava tube system. About total 6900 feet plus system and about 1336 feet of uncollapsed passage..

 Peterson Ridge Road Cave: #633-44. Small lave tube found in 1962. Less then 200 feet of passage. 

 Pica Here Cave:

 Pica Ice Cave: located just downslope from Breakdown Mt. Cave, this surface tube is mostly crawl, and has nice ice formations in the winter.

 Pickards Sink Cave : #633-08: Very nice complex cave with 1900 ft of passage. Crawl, squeeze, walk, climb. The entrance is very tight to get into. 

 Pickings Cave: #633-56:Pickings Cave is a 6050-ft-long (map length) complex of rambling, parallel and re-entrant tube segments. Mostly low passages, its distal end overlies Chubby Bunny Cave. It was found by Bob Davis and Dick Cheney on June 30, 1975, while searching for Dry Creek Cave, and named after a recently deceased school friend.      Trip report Speleograph 360 page 7. 363 page 7 (same report). Trip report Vol. 16 #10 page 88. Ref. 6161, 4192, 2571, 6060, 6161.

 Picnic Ground Cave: Last I heard this cave was filled.

 Pillars of Fire Cave:  Cool pillar formations. On private property. Report Speleograph Vol. 22, page 69.

 Pine Martin Cave: 633-47 Part of the Peterson Prairie System of caves, this particular cave has a nice lava dome entrance feature.

 Plank Cave: Small branching cave located just north of Poachers Cave in the clearcut with rough 300 ft of passage. 

 Poacher's Cave: A very complex cave with many entrances and passages.  Over 3500 feet of interconnecting passages.  A bat colony resides near one of the eastern most entrances.

 Pond Cave: This nice walking cave with 505 feet of passage and usually has a large pond in it. Not much for breakdown in the cave and some nice flow features. Photos

 Pond Cave Annex Cave (Annex): Around 510 feet of passage, it is located at other end of sink from Pond Cave .  Has a nice tube in tube feature near the end.  Some walking passage as well.

 Poderosa Arch: 633-211 A section of tube between Breakdown Mt and Arachnophobia Cave. Only about 35 feet long.

 Porcupine Cave: Short section of cave in line with Ditch Cave and below Running Rat Cave. Part of the South Kipuka Caves.

 Potato Cave: See story in Speleograph 380 Page 12.  Now closed by road spoil (2008 groups).
#7886 (2006 email)

Potluck Cave System
Northern Branch of Ice Caves Basalt ( #8301. 12, 15-reason for re-naming] ); Potluck System ( [Cascade Caver 15(10):113] ).
Map#1405. #8301. [Cascade Caver 15(10):113] #1405

 Prickly Floor Cave: See story in Speleograph 380 Page 12.

 Prince Charming Cave: 633-36: 1594 feet of passage including some walking and stooping areas. Has lots of breakdown, but very interesting flow patterns within.

 Quill Cave: a 250 foot crawl with intermittent stream and a cobble floor.

 Rabbit Hole Cave: Has about 50 feet of explored breakdown crawl.

 Rat's Pit Cave: upslope from Breakdown Mt. Cave, this short section of tube is entered through a deep ceiling collapse and into about 100 feet of original tube.:

 Red Ribbon:

Risky Business Cave: Next cave upslope from Three sinks Adjunct Cave, this brittle section of tube is filled with loose rock, and breakdown. Strong wind near the end suggests the cave continues through the breakdown, but the unstable nature of the rock makes it very dangerous to dig in. Cave was eventually pushed in June of 2016 and added 2250 feet of new passage. The new discovery filled in the large gap of missing cave, and most of the passage is nice walking with ceiling height ranging from 20 to 40 feet high.

Red Cave: Main Entrance sink is the lowermost of a series of collapse sinks. AKA Branching Cave and Spencer's red Cave. 


 Resurrection Cave: breakdown, crawl, walk, squeeze, somewhat maze. 3411 feet of passage. 
Report Speleograph Vol. 22, page 69.

 Roadside Cave: 633-6: Small cave next to road. About 300 feet of crawl near Dots Cave.

 Roadside Annex: A short detached segment possibly destroyed by road building.

Roller Coaster Cave:
 #8487. [Marchant cave maps on lavacaves.com CD]

 Rolling Rock Cave: Nice little cave in the Sleeping Beauty area.

Rose Row Cave

Rose Rows?
Probably Petrie’s Oak Grove Caves

Rotten Egg Cave: Cave in the Sleeping Beauty area.

Round About Cave: 485 feet in length. This cave is located in the Sleeping Beauty area upslope from Skinmites Cave and probably associated with its line.  Named for its sweeping loop passage. 

 S Cave: part of the Butter-Stairwell System, this short section of cave is located between the two, and has about 150 feet of passage.:

 Salamander Cave: 633-201: Short section of the northern Falls Creek System located just upslope from Lizard Cave. Mostly a large room with a sky light, but has nice ice formations in the winter, as well as the namesake Salamanders.

 Sawmill Site Cave: Fairly braided section of cave west of Poachers Cave, there are some nice walking passages, and lots of breakdown. Ends through a long breakdown choke of rock.:

 Sealey's Field Cave:

Seven Pillars Cave: 700 feet of low crawl. This tight cave is located NE of Sleeping Beauty Cave about 400 feet.

 Skamaniac Cave: #633-205 See Datus Perry cave. About 1800 feet of passage.

 Skinmites Cave: Nice cave with about half walking with many passages. With about 3579 feet of passage, it is the third longest cave in the Smokey Creek System behind Deadhorse and Sleeping Beauty Cave.

 Skunk Cave:

 Sleeping Beauty Cave: (Sour Grapes) #633-019. A long crawly cave. Somewhat complex. Been 20 years since been in there so don't remember much. Cave was listed at 3707 feet of passage after it was pushed so old maps are no longer accurate. At least 3 levels and a Natural Bridge.

 Sleepy Cave: After a tight slide down entrance, the cave is mostly stooping and crawl. Has 1346 feet of passage. 

 Slide Cave: 633-52. Cave extends east from an inconspicuous hole on the NE side of a sink. Is associated partly with Dynamited Cave that underlies it.  

 Slime Cave: 633-39: Back in the late 80's this cave walls had tons of cool mini gours. In summer 2010 didn't see very much.  About 775 feet of passage of mostly high ceilings, excellent flow features and short lava falls

 Slime Cave Annex: 633-38.  64 feet tube segment. 

 Smelly Bear Cave: Trip Report Speleograph 369 page 6.

 Snoozie Cave: Trip Report Speleograph 369 page 6.

 Smokey Creek Cave System: Includes Ash Hole Cave, Goose Cave, Candle Cave, Overlook Cave, Asher's Cave.

 Snowpatch Cave:

 Soup Can Cave:

Sour Grapes cave: Map#1405. [Cascade Caver 15(10):113]

 Sparkling Nightmare Cave: 1117 feet of crawling passage, it is located S of Hoarfrost and Sleeping Beauty Cave about 1/2 mile.

Smidge Cave: Part of the lowest section of caves in the Tailbone System, it is directly upslope from Smudge Cave. Has about 125 feet of passage, and was discovered in the Fall 0f 2014.

Smug Cave: Small unitary lava tube located in between Smudge and Smidge Cave. About 75 feet of passage.

Smudge Cave: Part of the lowest section of caves in the Tailbone System, it is directly downslope from Smidge Cave about 100 feet. Has about 250 feet of passage, and was discovered in the Fall 0f 2014. Cave has not been fully explored.


Spearpoint Cave: #633-30. Cave goes under road of 568 feet of mostly crawl.

Spearpoint Ditch Cave: Cave goes along south side of road near Spearpoint Cave. It is short at only 100 feet of mostly crawl, but contains an interesting lava drain that is too tight to enter.

 Spencer's Cave: See Cheese cave

 Spencer's Red Cave: See Red Cave.

 Splash Cave: in the same sink as Backbone Cave on the opposite end.:

 Squeaking Pica Cave: Nice big entrance, but the cave is fairly short. It was eventually linked to a lava ridge about 150feet away, so now has two entrances. 421 feet of passage.:

 Stairwell Cave: First 170 feet of Stairwell Cave slope downward over breakdown. Main room is about 40 feet wide and 35 feet high. Much more info in Caves of Washington.

 Stalagmite Cave: name change to Skinmites Cave cave.

Stumpy Cave: Part of the lowest section of caves in the Tailbone System, it is directly north from Twin Skulls Cave. Has about 485 feet of passage, and was discovered in the Fall 0f 2014. There are three drop down entrances and a small sky light associated with the cave, as well as leads downslope and upslope.

 Talent Sink   [Nieland map #4212 ]

 Techno-9 Cave: 633-40. Large cave with lots of breakdown piles. The only floor you will see is at very end.  Tricky entrance drop into cave. Has 3075 feet of passage.

 Thanks Cave is a complex, rambling network of branching and re-entrant passages, located about three miles southwest of Trout Lake. Most passages are broad and low (avg. 4-ft high), and seldom of walking height. Well decorated, this cave was discovered by Oregon Grotto members Bill and Maurice Magee on Thanksgiving, 1968, hence the name.

 Three Sinks Cave : At 2,800 feet map length, Three Sinks Cave is the second longest know segment of the Falls Creek Lava Tube System. Cavers learned of the cave from an Oct., 1967, letter from Clay Beal, then a U.S.F.S. Disrtict Ranger, to Bill Halliday which was forwarded to Oregon Grotto. First known cavers to visit the cave were Charlie and Jo Larson who found it to be a world class example of stream flow, sedimentation and subsequent erosion of pyroclastics in a lava tube.  Oregon Grotto held a Forest Service special use permit for several years; currently the cave enjoys special protection by the Forest Service.       Trip report Speleograph 359 page 8. Three Sinks Adjunct Cave: Upslope about 200 feet from Three Sinks Cave, this 200 foot long section of tube is fairly large in size, and contains a small section of sand castles. A piece of ceiling breakdown has made a nice bridge to cross the area.     Trip report Speleograph Ja. 1986 page 8.

 Three Way Cave: Three Way Cave is about 300 ft long and has 3 ways to go from the entrance room.
This room averages about 4-5 ft hi and the main is the left passage. This passage
is mostly easy crawl and leads to 2nd small entrance going downhill. Past this entrance
a Claude crawly passage ends in a blowing hole requiring a major dig. This cave may have
another name. Discovered by Dennis Glasby.

 Todd's Cave: 633-25, See story in Speleograph 380 Page 12. Four Sinks. Two of the sinks are connect with short cave segments. A nice lava fall exists in the largest section of passage. See NCA 87 for details. Ref. 1967

 Too Dirty Cave:  Trip Report Speleograph 369 page 6. Small cave across road from Dirty cave with about 300 feet of passage each. Could have been one cave before road built.

 Tooth Cave: 633-26:Tooth Cave is entered through a two-foot-diameter opening at the base of a lava outcrop leading to a steep corkscrew descent known to turn back cavers of ample girth. A breakdown maze north of the entrance eventually leads to the Big Room with several hundred feet of walking passage.

Tooth Cave Discovered in 1966 by Longview Wa. Residents Steve Robertson, Keith Foster and Greger Ericson. Was called Longview Cave for awhile until one bear tooth was found and cave mapped. See story in Speleograph 380 Page 12. Photos from 1967.

Trapper Cave: The cave was discovered right off the road near Wasabi Cave in May of 2016 and was pushed to around 425 feet. Very little breakdown, but mostly 2 foot high ceilings. Has a rusted animal trap near the entrance.

 Trillium Cave: The cave was used by pioneers to store meat. AKA Meat cave. Cave near Cheese consists of a single grottolike segment of lava tube about 60 feet long. About 25 feet wide at the entrance.


Top Shelf Cave: The cave was discovered near Boogie Bear Cave as just a small hole about the size of a coffee can. After much effort, the cave was finally opened in August of 2015 and turned out to be a nice walking passage cave with formations and a seasonal stream and lake. Cave is 1183 feet.

 Triple Z Cave: A small cave in the Smokey Creek area. 

 Trout Creek Hill Pit: Entrance is a vertical blow hole. The cave is apparently a splatter cone vent cave. A vertical descent of 30 feet to ledge then another 55 foot rappel to bottom. 

Tubal Cave: Part of the lowest section of caves in the Tailbone System, it is about 1/4 mile downslope from Twin Skulls Cave. Has about 700 feet of passage, and was discovered in the Fall 0f 2014. Several leads have yet to be pushed.  

 Tweedle Dee Cave: Small unitary lava tube located in the Smokey Creek area just west of Metrecal Cave. About 422 feet of passage. 

 Tweedle Dum Cave: Small unitary lava tube just upslope from Tweedle Dee Cave. About 311 feet of passage.  

 Twidwell's Cave: Small unitary lava tube. About 300 feet of passage. See also Speleograph 1965 Vol. 4 # 5

 Twin Skulls Cave: Found in 2014, has about 885 feet of passage and well decorated with formations. In line with Fork in the Rose Cave just upslope and may connect.  Largest part of cave is 13 foot high passage leading into the formation area.

 Tumulus Cave

Unexpected Cave:

 Unnamed Cave: 633-29

Unnamed Datus Perrys Cave

--runs up-slope from Datus Perrys Cave sink

about 1000 ft of talus floored walking passage



 Upfalls Cave: Trip Report Speleograph 369 page 6.

 Upper Conepickers Caves: Two caves. One about 50 foot crawl to breakdown chock and the 2nd about 200 crawl with one side passage.

Vacant Cave: Near Poachers Cave to the NE, this recently discovered stooping passage cave has many passages, and is mostly breakdown free. About 450 feet of cave passage with a nice lava drain feature and flow pattern in the floor.

 Vine Maple Cave: 633-31. Trip Report Speleograph 369 page 6.

 Volunteer Cave: About 200 feet long. Part of the Datus Perry cave series. Speleograph Jan. 1986 page 7.

Walk Through Cave: More of a crawl through cave from one entrance to another. In the Sleeping Beauty system.

Wasabi Cave: Near Poachers Cave to the NW, this stooping passage cave has many passages, and is mostly breakdown free. About 1400 feet of cave passage.

White Salmon River Cave: Near BZ Corner, this is the lowest in the valley floor caves. It is also unusual as it lies on the eastern side of the White Salmon river. It is only 80 feet long, and all crawl, but it maintains its original structure as a lava tube.

 Wicked Cave: #633-300: Discovered by Daniela Nartker. Part aluvium wash out and part lava tube, has about 1465 feet of passage. Most likely associated with Deadhorse Cave before road was built. 

 Wildcat Cave: 800 feet of walking passage with a nice lava trench near the end.  Trip report Speleograph 360 page 8.  Report Speleograph Vol. 22, page 69. Ref. Bobcat 0360

Wonderland Cave: Originally about 465 feet long, this sinuous cave down flow from Metrecal Cave (and probably a truncated extension) was pushed to more than double its original length. Three entrances now exist, with the upper entrance slot crack opening up about 160 feet of passage. A middle "caterpillar entrance" extended the cave another 160 feet, and finally a new side passage from the main cave extended it another 255 feet. Total length is somewhere around 1024 feet. Cave has patches of walking passage with a nice lava columns in the main area.

  Wounded Elbow Cave: Dennis saw this hole on a trip to Prince Charming Cave back in the late 80's after Wounded knee was found. I explored uphill while Dennis explored down hill. The upper passage was all crawling as far as I can remember. I went maybe 1000 feet before it got to tight. It was finally mapped around 2007 or so and pushed beyond where I went. In 2008 a 2nd entrance was opened up. #633-35

Wounded Finger Cave: Located on the edge of the clear-cut near Mouse Track Cave and Beginners Luck Cave (Smokey Creek area) 

   Wounded Knee Cave: This cave found on a skiing trip in the late 1980's by Kim Luper. The cave has two entrances and is a very long crawly cave. So named by Dennis because I said something about my knees hurting from the long Crawl. About 1425 feet of passage.

 Y Cave: A very tight entrance between Ice Rink and Apple cave. Supposedly about 1000 feet of passage, and mostly crawl.  Speleograph Jan. 1986 page 7.

 Y Not Cave: 633-23 Very short, and hard to get into cave next to Apple Cave.


01: Resurrection Cave----- 3070 feet

02: Deadhorse Cave-----  14461 feet

03: Bill's Cave----- 105 feet

04: Hairy Fungus Cave----- 121 feet

05: Dot's Cave----- 299 feet

06: Roadside Cave----- 381 feet

07: Frog Hollow Cave----- 180 feet

08: Pickards Sink Cave----- 1900 feet

09: Gopher Hole Cave----- 151 feet

10: Goose Cave----- 2182 feet

11: Ash Hole Cave----- 59 feet

12: Candle Cave----- 617 feet

13: Asher's Cave----- 699 feet

14: Cave "B"----- 60 feet

15: Clear-Cut Cave----- 98 feet

16: Squeaking Pica Cave----- 421 feet

17: Flashcube Cave----- 669 feet

18: Hoarfroast Cave----- 151 feet

19: Sour Grapes Cave----- 3707 feet

20: Big Cave----- 2700 feet

21: C.O.G. Cave----- 805 feet

22: Ice Rink Cave----- 1540 feet

23: Y Not Cave----- 155 feet

24: Apple Cave----- 210 feet

25: Todd's Cave----- 625 feet

26: Tooth Cave----- 1100 feet

27: Dry Creek Cave----- 2010 feet

28: Overflow Cave----- 240 feet

29: Unnamed Cave-----

30: Spearpoint Cave----- 568 feet

31: Vine Maple Cave-----1346 feet

32: Metrecal Cave----- 2058 feet

33: Broken Back Cave----- 404 feet

34: Bee Cave----- 155 feet

35: Wounded Elbow Cave----- 1488 feet

36: Prince Charming Cave----- 1594 feet

37: Hemlock Cave----- 1053 feet

38: Slime Cave Annex----- 64 feet

39: Slime Cave----- 771 feet

40: Techno-9 Cave----- 3071 feet

41: no cave not used as of 11/4/2014

42: Cougar Den Cave----- 210 feet

43: JaR Cave----- 3420 feet

44: Peterson Ridge Road Cave----- 125 feet

45: Peterson Prairie Cave 1----- 1345 feet 

46: Peterson Prairie Cave 2----- 175 feet 

47: Pine Martin Cave (Peterson Prairie Cave 3)-----177 feet

48: Peterson Prairie Cave 4----- 165 feet 

49: Chubby Bunny Cave----- 6900 feet

50: Dynamited Cave----- 12440 feet

51: Firecracker Cave----- 280 feet

52: Slide Cave----- 140 feet

53: Nielsen Big cave----- 2700 feet

54: New Cave----- 7045 feet

55: Ice Cave----- 825 feet

56: A Cave----- 137 feet

57: Backbone Cave----- 2149 feet

58: Conepickers Upper Cave-----

59: Conepickers Lower-----

60: Deer Cave----- 1545 feet

61: Dirty Cave----- 310 feet

62: Fallen Arches System----- 925 feet

63: Falls Creek Falls Cave----- 825 feet

64: Grouch Cave----- 180 feet

65: Hawks Bear Den Cave-----

66: Leaverite Cave-----

67: Lillputian Cave----- 922 feet

68: Mud Bath Cave-----

70: Overlook Cave----- 300 feet

71: Pica Ice Cave-----

72: Pickings Cave----- 6050 feet

73: Pond Cave----- 505 feet

74: Quill Cave----- 231 feet

75: Rabbit Hole Cave----- 49 feet

76: Rats Cave-----

77: Goblet Cave----- 85 feet

78: Three Sinks Cave----- 2800 feet

79: Too Dirty Cave----- 450 feet

80: Unnamed 2

81: Wounded Knee Cave----- 1100 feet

82: Y Cave-----

83:  A-Maze Cave----- 615 feet

84: Anniversary Cave----- 416 feet

85:  Archway Cave-----

86: Armistice Cave-----345 feet

87: Bashful Cave----- 2296 feet

88: Bear Den Cave----- 411 feet

89: Cabin Cave-----

90: Bison Cave-----

91: Blair Which Cave-----

92: Bogus Cave-----775 feet

93: Boogie Bear Cave----- 245 feet

94: Bugout Cave-----

95: Caws Cave-----

96: CCHR Cave-----756 feet

97: Chocolate Sundae Cave----- 606 feet

98: Conepickers Middle Cave-----

99:  Coyote Cave-----

100: Digging Fool Cave----- 108 feet

101: Dry Creek Annex Cave-----

102:  Denominator Cave-----

102: Numinator Entrance-----

103: End of Big Trench Cave----- 145 feet

104: Near End Cave-----

105: Evil Eyes Cave------

106: Fitsall Cave----- 110 feet

107: Following Dog Cave-----

108: Licking Dog Cave-----

109: Fudge Cave-----

110: Golden Arches Cave-----

111: Half Moon Cave-----

112: Ginger Cave-----646 feet

113: Huckleberry Cave----- 200 feet

114: Kisdons Cave----- 410 feet

115: Kno Noobie Cave----- 469 feet

116: Lava Intrusion Cave----- 785 feet

117: Lava Sidewalk Cave----- 188 feet

118: Lost Trench Cave----- 110 feet

119: Motorcross Cave----- 294 feet

120: Over Arch Cave-----135 feet

121: Parking Lot Cave----- 164 feet

122: Pipe Stem Cave----- 55 feet

123: Puffball Cave----- 108 feet

124: Recliner Cave-----

125: Harvest Lower Cave-----

126: Roller Cave-----

127: Rolling Rock Cave----- 94 feet

128: Seven Pillars Cave----- 700 feet

129: Silverlining Cave----- 251 feet

130: Skin Mites Cave----- 3579 feet

131: Slash Pile Cave----- 70 feet

132: Smelly Bear Cave----- 472 feet

133: Sparkling Nightmare -----1117 feet

134: Finger Cave-----

135: Tweedle Dee Cave----- 308 feet

136: Tweedle Dum Cave----- 414 feet

137: Upfalls Cave----- 1700 feet

138: Wapiki Cave-----

139: Wolf Lair Cave-----120 feet

140: Wonderland Cave----- 1024 feet

Note: 141 to 165 unofficial numbers and may change. 

141: Fork in the Rose Cave----- 485 feet

142: Twin Skulls Cave----- 885 feet  

143: Stumpy Cave----- 680 feet  

144: Tubal Cave----- 460 feet  

145: Anaconda Cave-----345 feet  

146: Smidge Cave----- 70 feet 

147: Smug Cave----- 75 feet  

148: Smudge Cave-----90 feet  

149: Vacant Cave-----465 feet 

150: Blank Cave-----320 feet  

151: Sidekick Cave----- 320 feet  

152: Last Call Cave----- 165 feet  

153: Down Under Cave----- 575 feet  

154: Evolution Cave----- 85 feet   

156: Breakfast Cave----- 45 feet  

157: Brunch Cave----- 40 feet  

158: Nielson's Cave----- 180 feet  

159: Lincoln Log Cave----- 120 feet  

160: Floating Log Cave----- 1054 feet  

161: Side Track Cave----- 185 feet  

162: Jacked Up Cave----- 155 feet  

163: Top Shelf Cave----- 1185 feet  

164: Round About Cave----- 485 feet  

165: Caterpillar Cave----- 245 feet

166: Trapper Cave----- 455 feet

 200's Falls Creek area caves. One is cap wrong and will be updated someday.

200: Double Eagle Cave----- 858 feet

201: Salamander Cave----- 180 feet

202: Lizard Cave----- 255 feet

203: Blister Cave----- 185 feet  

204: Falls Creek Cave----- 9176 feet  

205: Skamaniac Cave----- 1840 feet  

206: Downdraft Cave----- 2255 feet  

207: Backdraft Cave----- 180 feet  

208: Breakdown Mountain Cave----- 280 feet

209: Arcahnophobia Cave----- 250 feet  

210: Draftdodger Cave----- 480 feet  

211: Ponderosa Arch----- 45 feet  

212: Mrs. Olsens Cave----- 925 feet  

213: Folgers Cave----- 2100 feet

214: Risky Business Cave----- 2645 feet  

300: Wicked Cave----- 1375 feet  Forest Service name "Cooks"  

301: Happy Cave----- 1448 feet  

302: Sleepy Cave----- 1346 feet





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